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Rachel Doyle, Marketing Manager, Panopto Europe.

“Stephen worked with me in an advisory capacity to develop and implement an inbound marketing strategy for Panopto Europe, focusing on content marketing. 

I’ve been very impressed by Stephen’s intuitive ability to accurately understand the company’s needs, products and customers. 

His contagious vision and enthusiasm have given the project the momentum it needs to succeed. This is underpinned by Stephen’s extensive experience in publishing and meticulous planning. Stephen has first rate commercial judgement and is also a great mentor.” 

January 20, 2012.  

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Content Marketing Example

Stephen Linley-Shaw - Small Business Owner, Brixham, Devon. 

“From our first meeting I knew we were going to work together well to bring the project together. Stephen listened carefully to my brief and, after a few pertinent questions, was quickly able to establish an understanding off my needs. Stephen's advice has been invaluable to restructure a tired old website to maximise it's appeal - soon anyone browsing my site will be given options to move swiftly to what they want to know. The emphasis on the client's needs is paramount and this will drive the project forward......ultimately grow the business. A fresh start. We have had several meetings, mainly in my office, and on every occasion there has been an agenda set out to maximise the value of the meeting. He is extremely helpful, patient and able to convey expert ideas with ease. I look forward to working with Stephen in the future and also working with some of his contacts in design, graphics and website building who are working on the project as I write...”  May, 2014

Charles Mills, Managing Director, Twofour Communications 

“Stephen has enormous energy, he's a great creative thinker and he is also voracious in his engagement with innovative media and technologies. I'd recommend him to anyone who is after brilliant practical insights into the way consumers are now behaving in the digital landscape and who want a serious new take on their business development challenges.” 

April 13, 2010  

Content Marketing Example

Emma Joy , Head Of Communications,  Institute For Sustainability

“Stephen and the team took on a communications campaign with tight deadlines and some quite challenging targets, which included helping us build our social media profile. The Wise Up Media team's experience and detailed knowledge of the sustainability agenda meant they were able to pick up the subject matter and understand the relevance to our target audiences incredibly quickly. This allowed them to focus on delivery at an early stage and without a long briefing or bedding in period. It also allowed them to produce engaging and relevant communications content much faster than I expected.

February 4, 2013

Rebecca Smart, CEO, Osprey Publishing Group

“Stephen's understanding of community and its strength in driving publishing businesses forward is second to none - at the same time he understands the challenges of significant change and is able to offer solutions to address these. Stephen has an ability to think at both strategic and tactical levels and is flexible and creative in his approach, offering challenge and support as needed.” 

November 10, 2010 

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