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Our Content Marketing Pricing Policy

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is: “how much will content marketing cost?” 

In almost all cases, there’s no answer to that question without some element of diagnosis and advance planning first. That's why we don't operate off-the-peg prices. 

Instead, we ask you to budget for planning because we put a great deal of emphasis on understanding your unique marketing challenge.  

Why you need to budget for content planning 

how much does content market cost

We ask you to budget for planning because we will need to undertake critical research to gain key insights into your organisation, your product and/or service, your marketing, your existing assets, your competition and your audiences, without which we could not develop an actionable content strategy. 

Then, during the course of the planning stage, we will work out a detailed budget for the content marketing initiatives. 

Why we ask you to provide a "do not exceed" budget

To help us focus on the right mix and extent of content marketing initiatives, we ask you to provide us with a “not to exceed” budget. This way, ideas that come up during the planning stage, but which fall outside the “not to exceed” budget, can be flagged and developed under future work cycles. To read more about the way we like to work with our customers, please view our protocol page

We believe this approach, based on an honest assessment of the work we carry out for you, to be the fairest for all parties. 

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