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A Masterclass to develop your content marketing blueprint for 2014

January 16, 2014

Over the last few months I have been doing a number of digital marketing audits for clients, surveying their presence in search and social channels, to see how well or how poorly they are performing online.

Checking your online performance 

One thing I systematically do before I meet a client is paste their website URL into the HubSpot Marketing Grader Tool online to get an snapshot view of their web marketing performance, showing me their Blogging, SEO, Social outreach and other digital activities. 

You can visit the online tool and run the test yourself  by pasting your URL into the grader - it’s free and you need not give your email if you don't want to.

No cohesive marketing strategy

What’s apparent to me is that most companies are executing tactics with no cohesive strategy to tie their online marketing activities together. They are simply doing ad hoc social updates, writing occasional blog posts and doing eMail blasts without any understanding of customer needs, content types, calls to action, style or tone, let alone using an editorial calendar. It’s pure self-promotion and they might as well not be doing anything and saving themselves time, effort and disappointment. 

No understanding of customers

The single biggest problem I see is that my clients’ websites have not been designed with the information needs of their target audiences in mind. This means that they are failing to connect with their target audiences and have no chance of engaging them, developing trust, nor converting them into paying customers! This is not surprising since we are not born marketers and marketing uses many specialist disciplines, tools and templates. 

Why else would anyone pay tens of thousands of pounds to learn marketing? 

The Content Marketing Masterclass 

I have teamed up with Richard Hussey, a local copywriting expert, to run a one-day intensive Content Marketing Masterclass in Exeter on February 11th, 2014, designed to help delegates plan and implement a solid content marketing strategy to improve the power of their web marketing activities in 2014! Details of the Masterclass appear at the end of this post. 

Richard and I want to share our full spectrum of content marketing tools and techniques to help delegates develop their own content marketing blueprint for success in 2014. 

The Content Masterclass will help delegates specifically: 

  • Create deeper, more insightful buyer personas 
  • Develop a more solid content calendar + channel management plan 
  • Create the editorial content in the formats their customers want and like 
  • Engage target audiences with powerful content, with the appropriate Calls To Action and mechanisms to convert visitors into customers and grow their businesses online 

Delegates will each gain exclusive access to our upcoming Content Marketing Primer and our Content ROI Planner which both publish in February. They will also be sent their personal copy of the Content Masterclass Workbook with a specific task to complete prior to the course. 

With all of the tools, techniques and templates we provide on our one-day Content Planning Masterclass, delegates will return to work ready to implement a tried, tested and proven content marketing blueprint that will ensure 2014 is their most successful content year to date! 

Two caveats: A) places on the Masterclass are limited, and early booking is essential, and B) the intensive nature of the course is suited to a specific profile of business owner or manager

You’ll find all the details for the Content Masterclass here

Please share this post with colleagues or friends you believe it might interest. 


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