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We Deliver Content Marketing ROI

We're content marketing strategists. 

We transform businesses from wishing they had more customers to having more customers.

Our goal for each new client is the same: delivering a better return on marketing investment (ROMI). 

We're process-driven and everything we do is driven by insight. Understanding what people seek, like, share, say and do in digital channels allows us to reach and connect with precise customer segments online. We call this marketing to the "segment of one."

So, if you need more sales leads, higher brand awareness, or more competitive advantage, we work with you to develop the right content and distribution to achieve your business goals. We don’t mind where our clients start their journey, but for most of our clients it means building and strengthening an online reputation that develops trust, credibility, authority, leadership and sales-qualified leads. We work in a spirit of partnership on content marketing projects that never take less than six months, and very often more than 12 months.  

Specifically we use a 6 step content marketing planning process to help you:

  • Solve your content marketing problems, develop content marketing strategies and create content marketing plans
  • Develop customer profiles and create detailed search personas 
  • Audit and inventory your content 
  • Benchmark your content performance against that of your competitors 
  • Map your content to specific buyer personas
  • Nuance your content marketing to suit search personas in browsing mode and buying mode 
  • Structure your editorial programs around a clearly defined content matrix and channel touch points 
  • Promote your content and grow your authority in social media channels and organic search 
  • Convert your online visitors into leads and leads into customers via clear calls to action 
  • Measure your content performance against agreed content marketing performance metrics 

That’s how we can help, and we are most successful when we have a collaborative relationship so strong that we are treated as a member of our clients' marketing teams. 

Who do we do content marketing for?

Our clients are savvy marketing managers working within medium sized-organisations in competitive marketplaces, who are looking for help with content marketing strategy and content marketing planning to help them re-establish or maintain their competitive advantage online. Read our client case studies

Why might you need help with your content marketing? 

Your traditional marketing tactics may have lost their edge and you might not be getting the quantity nor quality of traffic you need. The marketing tactics you relied on until now aren’t working anymore.  Google has changed the way it ranks your site. Your competitors have somehow improved their search engine rank performance (SERP) and you can’t seem to earn enough attention. And when you do get their attention, they aren't converting to sales.

Our content marketing expertise

Our proven 6 Step Content Marketing Planning Framework is derived from the highly practical 96 page strategy guide co-authored by Stephen Bateman, and the essential techniques have been condensed into a popular 45 minute webcast and accompanying 52 slide presentation on SlideShare

Getting started is easy

Just fill in the consultation request form below and we’ll set up a call to better understand your challenges and figure out how we might help. Once we understand your needs, we’ll put together a customised proposal for services based on your needs and budget. 

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Customer Testimonial

"Working with Stephen, after wasting time and money on marketing and public relations people who talk a good game, but fail to deliver, has been rewarding: he sets clear, accountable targets, which he holds himself, and me to. This, together with specific actions and advice, has helped me use my limited time very effectively. There is so much information out there it can be overwhelming, but Stephen's experience means that he can show me what I need to focus on for my business. I was surprised at what a good coach he was, and how similar his job is to mine. I doubled the time I spent with Stephen, simply because it was worthwhile. I'd recommend him to anyone." James Marshall, Founder, Excelsior. 

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